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Ignoring parrot

I'm planning on getting a green cheek conure in about a month. Kaiju will be doing training next to the bird cage to help desensitize him to it as well as brushing up his leave it.

Once the bird gets here, we will be working on leave-its when he gives any attention to the bird and building a habit of ignoring the cage (and bird) in general. When he is doing VERY well, I figured I'd do some training sessions with the bird on my shoulder (in a harness with a leash attached to my shirt in case of attempted fly aways) to help Kaiju build some clear boundaries while the bird is riding.

And of course, I'll be careful to maintain strict supervision when they are both out and be sure to give them both attention so one is not neglected in the presence of the other.

Does anyone have any other tips or suggestions, or have any reason any parts of my training plan should maybe not be done? It's been quite a while since I've had a bird and dog at the same time, and I haven't had a dog that loves the birds quite like Kaiju before so any suggestions on creating/maintaining a peaceful bird and dog duo would be appreciated!
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