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Baby broke his toe :(

I don't even think it's normal how depressed and stressed out I am over this. Gunner broke his toe when it got caught on the crate yesterday. He is only 12 weeks old. They splinted it and bandaged his entire leg. They didn't give him any pain meds or anything, just handed me a boot to put over the bandage when he goes outside and said "cya in a week" so they can change the bandage.

Has anyone else dealt with broken toes in their pups? I'm mostly so worried because he is so little and I'm going to have to keep him crated for the next month or so until it heals besides taking him out for potty breaks and that kills me because this is such a crucial time for him to be experiencing things!

I've also heard so many horror stories about splints/bandages for broken toes so I'm freaked out.

Someone just tell me I'm being overly paranoid or tell me my thoughts are actually valid! Haha..
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