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anti-barking collars?

This isn't for my GSD, but rather for my fiancé's staffy who lives with his mother. We live rural because of work. We met each other up here and were both staying with family at the time, so he couldn't bring his dog with him until he had his own accommodation and when he finally got accommodation I moved in with my elderly cat, which his staffy would tear apart as he hates cats. So he's remained with my fiancé's mother. My fiancé's sister also lives there with her dog, but my fiancé's mother says her dog is not an issue and it's just his staffy.

Anyway, my fiancé's mother has called him saying there's been neighbour complaints about him barking during the day and now the council has become involved. She told my partner she wants to have him put to sleep (seriously extreme response, especially since she's always seemed to like him, but I digress). Naturally my partner won't let this happen, but we're pretty much desperate to try anything. I would rather not use a collar but my fiancé is adamant that it's the only solution at this point. Does anyone have any experience with them? I know there's citronella ones, which I don't know much about but they seem like a better option than electric ones right?

It'd be nice to try training but his mother won't give the time, nor can I really expect her to since it isn't even her dog. She also won't let him stay inside, says he jumps on her leather couch when she's not home. Honestly, this whole thing makes me feel terrible and guilty for coming into their lives with a cat, which I know is silly, but I feel like any punishment Chevy gets is on my shoulders. He'd be living up here with my fiancé if it weren't for me. Any advice??

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