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GSD know GSD people

I just find this kind of amusing when I think about dogs I deal with every day at my work. My co-workers know I love shepherds and if I see one I always have to go say hello and try to help. They normally don't have any trouble with me, but I have owned a few now lol.

This past Sunday a man brought his 6 month old puppy in because it's eyes were bloodshot in places. With dogs that normally means trauma. I was coming out of laundry and saw the puppy straining at the end of leash with a cloth muzzle on. It was clear he was scared and didn't want to be near the vet and assistant who were trying to add a gauze muzzle over the cloth. Didn't look like his jaw could open much with the cloth in any case to me.

I walked over and gently put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him up against my legs, which got him to sit and quiet. The vet said not to touch him, that he was aggressive. I replied he was just a scared puppy. She believed he was a jerk because he went to bite her in the room for what she believed was no reason. I figure she subconsciously made him feel threatened in the room. It happens. He is a baby after all.

I watched them struggle a little more before I stepped up and once again gently pulled him against me. He say and looked up at me with very obviously scared eyes. He was still however and not fighting me at all. The vet put the gauze about his muzzle and then we moved him over into the area where she had the supplies to look at his eyes. She moved him, so he panicked a little again, but calmed when I gently placed my hands on his shoulders again.

He sat on my foot, I was holding onto the slip leash with two fingers and my thumb, while my other hand just stroked his chest. I had no issues and he was quiet when it was just us. Every time she went to touch him he started whining, but quieted when she stepped back.

He was just scared. e.e I had no trouble taking the muzzles off to walk him back up front. He was making a racket, and dad had stepped outside, but he didn't mind me being near at all. I laughed at his "talking" at his owner and said, you just tell him all about it. The guy I guess bad been a bit rude in the room, but he had no issues with me lol.

My co-worker calls it my crazy shepherd magic. It works with mals some days too lol. But I believe they know who GSD people are and they know it's safe with them.

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