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Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
Did not know that....
Its mean to calm and often force submission. Take your forefinger and thumb and press your carotid arteries shut. You can breath fine, but as "the darkness" closes in from lack of blood flow you'll see why it is calming, not painful. You also recover quickly. Choke = blood supply restriction. Strangulation = air supply restriction. You can permanently collapse the esophagus, but an artery will always spring back as designed. This is why only chokes are allowed in MMA fights. The forearm and bicep act to cut off blood flow but not crush the windpipe, which is why it is positioned as it is if you watch a fight. When someone gets "choked out", it actually looks pretty peaceful. And it is, till you wake up with a massive headache.

Hanging a dog is something you'd normally only see/do if the dog comes up the leash on you and its a for real "Dude I'm gonna kill you" type of dog. Almost never to blacking out. Only till the dog ceases the behavior.

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