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As hard as it is to contemplate - abandoning your older dog, who loves you, to a shelter or through an ad to a stranger - is a fate worse for her than the trip to the vet for a peaceful death in your company..... She will not understand and will grieve for her family and home....

It is also irresponsible to pass a dog who bit a child onto someone else....what if she has a serious medical problem, or bites again, or the next family dumps her in a shelter or on the street? I could never live with myself not knowing what happened to an animal I had had that long....I lost track of a senior horse that I had placed and still to this day, knowing he is long gone (he was born over 40 years ago) it still haunts me as to what happened to him....

The most responsible and kindest thing to do if you cannot keep the dog and isolate her from children is to put her to sleep....



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