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Originally Posted by JustaDogOwner View Post
Very sad but our sweet GS went after my girlfriend's 5 year old son unprovoked. Thank goodness it wasn't more serious, but his face is marked up bad and he's traumatized. No stitches, no scars, but cannot risk another attack.

Roxy is a great dog otherwise, fine with new adults/teens. Great watchdog. Very loving and sweet, loves attention. Always wants to be around the family. I am heartbroken she did this.

She needs a great home, but not with small children. She is used to cats.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Your dog is nine years old. She is a senior. If she has known this child for the last few years, or even months, without issue, then she probably has something internal/physical wrong with her. And evenso, the strength of the attack goes beyond fear of the child hurting a painful area -- unless the kid jumped on the dog or tried to ride the dog, or shoved something down its ear -- but you said it was unprovoked, so all of that is impossible.

I think you need to do the right thing. What you are trying to do is nearly impossible and very unwise. Finding a home for an aging dog with a serious bite history to a child -- it should be against the law.

You need to go to your vet and stay with your dog, as the vet administers the stuff that will make her quietly go to sleep and then shut down.

I am sorry, this is really, really hard.

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