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Thanks. I go the girls on Sunday after church. After a quick jaunt to PetsMart for more toys -- Jenna chewed all of the little one's toys, so now they must be supervised. We ate at the Home Town Buffet, and then rushed home to set up the yard.

The girls helped me drag the x-pens up and set them up. They carried the trampoline out, and filled the water bucket. The helped me set up chairs, and distribute toys. Then we carried Mufasa and Morgan out. After a few minutes, Elena came in with me and she and I scrubbed their area. I showed her how to paper a whelping box and let her help with that.

Then after applying sunscreen, and returning Mufasa and Morgan to their area, we carried the little ones outside. I left Jenna out with Elena in the pen while Analisa and I cleaned their area and put more papers down. Then we all went outside.

Other than playing with puppies, we did math, and studied for the religion test, watched Buck Rodgers. They played with my little people. While Analisa was working on homework, Elena told me she was bored, so I put a stool up to the sink and had her wash the dishes. She thought that was kool. LOL!

I am reading them Little Town on the Prarie, and The Magician's Nephew.

In the morning, I made them eggs and bacon and blueberry muffins. They like to give their leftovers to Babsy. They are all excited that Babs is wearing her "diapie." I let watch Prince Caspian, while we were eating breakfast, and another busy day. Lots of homework. But we got a lot of puppy-time in too. I was lucky to get them home by 9:30. A school night.

I am hoping to train them how to train Muf. We put a collar and lead on him, and I had Elena follow him with the leash. Then, I showed each of them how to lure him into a sit with a treat, and how to give him the treat immediately. They are animal lovers. And they listen to instructions well.

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