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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
Omega 3's , Natural vitamin E - (tocotrienol portion) beta-carotene, gamma oryzanol . Plus high chlorophyll phytonutrients . Easy to digest , bio available , clean protein.

Your vegetable mix provides a lot of carbohydrates , which feed cancer .

Provide energy through fat , coconut oil is a good option.

Reishi mushroom are a source of beta glucans.

Proteolytic enzymes (bromelain , papain) another beneficial ingredient.

I'm so sorry your dog has this aggressive form of cancer.
Thanks very much, Carmen. We're going to be starting on yunnan baiyao as well. For the various supplements you've mentioned, are these typically found through food or as a supplement?

I have coconut oil - how much would you suggest giving daily?

The more I read about home-cooked diets, the more confused I get. There are so many variations and I know that carbs and sugar content can be tricky. I'm wondering if just switching to raw would be the better alternative. Both my dogs have had raw bones and meat as a treat over the years and love them. Would it be risky to switch a dog with health issues to raw, or I wonder if it would give his system a boost? We're not doing HW pills this year, he doesn't need any additional vaccines and he's not on any medications so diet would be the only major change to his system.

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