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Very mouthy two year old female

I would like some advice on how to stop the behavior .
She isn't mouthy in the sense that she destroys property but more in the sense that she grabs our hands with her mouth.
If she's playing with us she'll run by and grab a hand ( gently ) as she walks by or she'll nibble the kids hands when they
Pet her and she's excited.
I discouraged this when she was a pup but clearly I'm doing something wrong or she wouldn't be doing it anymore.
The last time we took her to the vet to have a lump drained she did the same thing and brushing her is a huge challenge for the same reasons .
Scolding her does nothing so I do put emphasis on her good behavior ( no mouthing while being brushed )
Having her chew a toy while playing vs a hand .
Anyone able to advise me ? Thanks in advance .

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