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This will probably not be a popular answer, but here it goes. You have to teach her how you expect her to behave, which can take time. They can be mouthy, my male was given up for that very reason. For some reason he never mouthed any of the kids in my home and stopped mouthing completely after about a week. Is your daughter afraid of the dog? Did she cry in either situation? Is the dog nosing her or mouthing her? In my mind I'm trying to picture the scenario and I see a dog that thought the baby was hurt and had no clue what to do, but I wasn't there do I don't know for sure. I wouldn't throw an adult GSD in with a child, I would crate the dog and let the dog get used to its surroundings. It takes some time for them to adjust. Obedience class would be good. As far as the cats, they might only ever reach manageable at best. Again she has to be trained, she don't know how to act. You will have to put your all into it. You could also have a trainer come in to evaluate the dog to give you peace of mind.

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