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Exclamation Newly adopted 2 yr old girl GSD cat aggressive and possibly baby aggressive

Hello! I need some advice, seriously quick.

I recently adopted a 2 year old GSD to train as a service dog. She is spayed, was very friendly with my 14 month old daughter when I went to meet her, and I was told that she had a high prey drive towards the lady's yorkie, meaning she would attack at the slightest chance. I have no other dogs, she had cats (outside), so I assumed that she could be worked with.

I brought Sissy home; when it came to meeting the cats she instantly got that prey stare, stance, and the second my cats moved she lunged and barked insanely. I've broken other dogs of cat aggression, but Sissy seems different.

Several hours later, she is following me around and we come across the cat on the table and she again lunges and barks while having that stare and tending up before the lunge, like obsession. I get in between, tell her to leave it and put her in a sit, then praise her when a moment later she ignores the cat.

Later in the evening, I'm throwing a toy for her and my little daughter falls and starts to cry. Sissy rushes over, starts to lick her, then appears to try to dominant mount her or herd her, I couldn't tell which. (if not so scary it would be funny, such a big girl trying to figure out how to "herd" the baby). I instantly pick up my daughter and see that sissy is trying to grab her pie I'm dangling a toy in front of her. (horrified at this point).

A couple of minutes later I took Sissy out, when I brought her back in , I again let my daughter play on the floor, she goes up to Sissy, Sissy licks her, again gets excited and when I pick up my daughter she again looks like she its trying to nip at my baby.

I'm unfamiliar with this dog, I don't trust her yet (if ever) around my cats, but a deal breaker and a trip back to her old owner would be child aggression. Is she trying to hurt my daughter or herd her? How do I stop this behavior and effectively teach her to "leave it" with my cats and child?

Sissy is otherwise very well behaved, she already seems attached to me, but as badly as I actually need a service dog (and truly can't afford to go through conventional methods of buying one, my options right now are self training which I have experience with or finding a donated one), I will not jeopardize my child or my cats.

Can this behavior towards my daughter be corrected? Towards my cats? Take her back?

Please help?
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