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Yes she has a crate and she loves it. I do not use the crate to punish her ever, she sleeps in it at night and during the day when I have to go to the store or mow the lawn. Last time I let her off leash in the house she was trying to play with my 10 year old 40lb mix, put her pawn down hard between her shoulder blades causing a pinched nerve =\ That doggy was in so much pain for days. The leash has mainly been to protect the other dogs and her since she tries to eat power cords still.

And yes I'm going to try to get her into more training classes. I'm looking for a different trainer who is more custom to GSDs. My last trainer kept telling me to spray her with lemon juice which I found cruel. She also would hang her by the prong collar while she cried and told me it was just "her acting and trying to manipulate me." While I love Cesar Millan she was trying to copy him in all her training no matter the breed or the problem.
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