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behavior issues with a 7 month old

I got my girl when she was 10 weeks old, she just turned 7 months old and is spayed. I'm having some annoying issues with her. First off, I did take her to obedience training and she passed just fine but at home she behaves a lot worse. She'll listen to her commands to sit/stay/free/down but thats its. At 7 months shes is still mouthing\biting. I managed to get her to stop biting everyone else in my family when she wants to be petted by them but she bites me all day long.

I just want to mention that I'm with her almost all the time, since the day I got on her X-mas eve I dropped my work hours to twice a week and only 5 hours each day. I have no life so I'm home all the time with her. I've had her on a leash in the house since day 1, I have 4 older dogs, small breeds 5-12 years old. None of them want anything to do with her. she is nice to them but they'll attack or growl at her if she gets within a few feet.

Besides the fact that she won't quit trying to eat me I'm also annoyed that I still have to keep her on a leash all day, when I drop it she goes bat **** insane running around, trying to jump on top of the other dogs and chewing anything she can. Is this normal at 7 months for a GSD? I had a GSD\Rottie mix for 15 years but he was the laziest most laid back dog ever made.

Oh, I also want to make it clear that while at 7 months her mouthing and biting really, really hurts she NEVER had broken skin so I think that she just might not realize what she's doing. =\ She is such a sweetie but has some problems.

I walk her 4 times a day for 20 minutes each, I also take her out back a few times a day to toss sticks for her to chase since she loves them. The problem with this is I have to keep her on a 15 foot leash, my yard is fenced in but if she really wants to I'm sure she could climb\jump it. 2 months ago when she was much smaller she was just standing next to the kitchen table and jumped right on top of it without even needing a running start.
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