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Tether question...

I've never tied a dog out or had a dog on a tether except in my presence maybe once or twice. That's my cut me some slack...LOL

I decided one of my goals with my latest greatest GSD was to be able to take her anywhere and everywhere I go..if allowed. Never brought the past two sheps camping with me...I know, I know..some of you will chastise me for this but many places we would go were uptight about dogs so it never happened. Not this time however.

I have this horrible movie in my mind of a dog on a full pursuit getting yanked off their feet ( doing a back half somersault ) when they reach the end of their tether...I've seen it, most all of us have seen it most likely.

So I built a tether which is about 30 feet long overall ( poly rope ) with the last 4 feet being 3/8 bungee cord..of course I can adjust length as the situation dictates. Now, if I don't pick up on the trigger before my bitch does and she gets the jump on me and goes off...and inevitably learns that this tether has a solid end to there something I can do better? I can call her off of many things but in all honesty...if it surprises me and she already caught wind of it..she has the upper's amazing if I see the lure first and simply tell her to "leave it"..all is mellow.

Anyway, any advice is appreciated regarding this learning curve and some ideas on how to most efficiently get to an acceptable understanding by both dog and myself.


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