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Yes, so can get started at home. The first thing you need is a harness. Check out:
BrownDog Design Harnesses

There are many other makers. You can search for reviews online too. There are also facebook fgroups dedicated to weight pull that can offer some advice.

You can get started at home. You don't need to join a club/group. The first thing you have to do is get your dog comfortable wearing the harness when it arrives. Make the association between harness and treats. The first several times you put it on, don't attach anything. Let him just get used to the feel.

The next thing your dog has to get comfortable with is the idea of something following behind him. People will usually recommend using a light jug with pebbles or change to make noise. Use lots of praise.

Once he's comfortable with that, start using lengths of chain as weights. I'd suggest starting off with around 5#. You can increase from there depending on how your dog is doing. Don't make it so heavy he has to struggle. In the beginning you are just building confidence and endurance. If you are not going competitive, you don't have to go any further. Remember, if you increase the distance you're pulling, don't ask for your dog to pull more weight - only increase one challenge at a time.

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