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Originally Posted by Cara Fusinato View Post
You know, just once I would like to actually hear in the story the owner say, "Oh my God, I knew these dogs didn't like people or other dogs. I have done my best to keep them confined. I feel beyond awful they escaped and did this. I totally understand the victim had to protect herself and her dog. I will help them in any way possible". People, man up.

Yes, I am sick of irresponsible dog ownership. I can't walk in my community with or without my dogs because of loose dogs -- pits and otherwise. I can't take my dogs to walk in parks because of aggressive dogs let off leash or brought close enough to lunge. I can't go up to the mountain lake on my day off because of everyone having their off-leash beasts who come up and hassle leashed animals (all dogs to be leashed by local regulation). We lack a sense of community responsibility and it is horrifying.

Agreed. I can't go to our local dog park anymore as people drop their aggressive dogs off there and leave for a few hours and then return to pick them up later. My poor little Pom was attacked once by a very aggressive large dog there (I got bit in the scuffle of trying to help my Pom). Its the owner's fault most times- not the dogs, its unfortunate.
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