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Unhappy Woman kills 2 attacking APBTs

Story: Woman Stabs to Death Two Attacking Pit Bulls - NBC News

I'm sure that this story will produce two extremely predictable reactions in the general population. My take is that we (as a society) really need to look at the overall trend towards irresponsible dog owners in this country...and how many of those irresponsible owners seem drawn to bully breeds. (IMO/IME only.)

Those dogs could have been hit by a car, picked up for use in a dog-fighting ring, or stolen just as quickly as this incident allegedly unfolded. Not only that, but if you have a DA and possibly HA dog, I do not understand how you could allow your dogs to escape. I say this as the former owner of a DA and child-aggressive GSD (Eva).

Maybe the loose dog fee needs to be higher, to encourage people to actually keep their dogs safely contained. But even here, where there is a $250 fee per occurrence, there are loose dogs everywhere. Maybe there is no solution. I don't know. This is just so sad... that it ever had to happen at all. Sad for everyone - for the two deceased dogs most of all, and for the husky that was bitten, and for the GSD + husky owner (I imagine she will have nightmares, intrusive thoughts, grief, etc for a long, long time), and the pit owner, who will probably live with a huge burden of guilt and grief.... ugh.
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