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My DDR/Czech GSD was chased off by a deer.

LOL. I may be making way too big of a deal out of this. I was throwing his ball across the yard into the wooded lot as I always do. All of a sudden I hear a huge ruckus and out he comes as fast as he can with a 75lb doe hot on his heels. These small whitetail around here are not aggressive like a mule deer. We assumed she was protecting her fawn.

My question is this. He is almost 11 months old and doesn't act scared of anything and has shown a good amount of protection drive. Why was he afraid of a little doe? Shouldn't he have fought back if the deer attacked him? He didn't even bring his ball back. Is it that he is young? Is this part of the slow to mature part?

As I said it may be no big deal. I just have a problem with my supposed to be big bad male DDR/Czech "fight til death" buddy turning tail and running in fear from a deer.
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