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Originally Posted by SuperG View Post
I remember as a kid this big female GSD named Lady....everybody claimed she was a police dog and all that...most likely she wasn't....just the typical hype. Lady would stay in her unfenced yard when there was no owner such thing as "invisible fences" back then..anyway..every day after school, a few of us would dare each other to see who could run through the biggest portion of Lady's yard ...with Lady in hot pursuit of course. If she caught you, you got a fairly good nip on the butt but nothing which would break the skin. The thing I recall which amazed me..and still to this day....that Lady would break off the instant you hit the street or the boundary of the backyard ( which was even more impressive as there was no definitive demarcation line ). I'll never forget that shepherd...and this discipline she adhered to..without the old man owner out there...hopefully he watched through the window and had a good laugh at kids being kids and his Lady having fun.

I wish I could be as positive about suggesting others should get a GSD unless I really know their commitment and dedication in raising a GSD. They certainly are a bit of work and can try one's patience but all of this effort is so incredibly worth it....I'd just hate to see someone get a GSD on my recommendation and not have the discipline to raise the dog properly to be able to see how incredibly wonderful they can potentially be.

With all that said.....they are the only breed for me!

That is one impressive dog. No wonder the owner trusts it so much. You are right about the suggesting gsds to others part. I would like you ensure that they are capable of looking after a gsd before suggesting it too.

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