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Originally Posted by eddie1976E View Post
Check craigslist for used crates. They go for almost nothing. Depending on the size of your current crate, I bet you could find a divider online. Good luck.
Thanks, I tried Craigslist and I think I will have some luck there.

Originally Posted by Courtney View Post
The divider does help but you got to get the pup out in the middle of the night. At 9 weeks they can't hold it all night.

I kept my rain boots (Russ came home during the rainy spring season) jacket, flashlight & leash by the door so it was easy to get him out fast. When I heard him to stirring around out we went. Honestly just a few weeks of this and he was house trained. German Shepherd pups are easy to house train as long as we are consistent.

Glad you ditched the pee/poop pads
I am taking him out in the middle of the night, every 3.5 to 4 hours. He is still managing to pee huge puddles in between when he goes out.
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