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Originally Posted by Abbey'sMom View Post
Thank you super g....i agree with all...have heard of enzyme Diane..going to do some more research on that website...i just have to make sure what I get is comparable to what I'm giving now. Also...if u don't long did your dog live until?...or do u still have that pet? asked...I had the double whammy....and perhaps this will bring some perspective to your current hardship....but I am of the is all others have had it worse than my tales of woe....

My EPI beloved..most awesome gal Hana..was liberated at 8 years old....not due to her EPI but because of her DM ( Degenerative Myelopathy)....couldn't bear to see such a regal creature have to struggle so I said the last goodbye while she still had some well deserving dignity intact.

Final analysis...if Hana had to end up on any doorstep...I am so glad she ended up on mine....her 8 years were the best years I could have given her and asked for in return....

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