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Yes...I can sense your frustration....I had an EPI dog as well.

A few thoughts.....

Forget about the breeder and culpability on their have to deal with the situation at hand...who cares who's fault it is at this point...the dog ended up on your doorstep...end of story.

Next...keep slowly trying to shift the pancreatic enzymes to the best levels....a hard stool ( if there is such a thing with an EPI dog) would be the goal.

Try Enzyme Diane - to see if this might alleviate your outlay a bit....if you haven't already.

Ears not up ....sounds like stretch ..blaming it on EPI...could be...but that sounds odd...I had no problems with my EPI dog's ears.

Yes, I agree....the GSD has been severely bastardized over the decades due to it's the greater degree.....way too many health issues from bad breeding practices.

Check the B12 and SIBO situation with your dog as well...some good could be done correcting these concerns as well.

EPI is a manageable situation but a bit more effort is required.....

As I said...I appreciate your frustration of getting a "faulty" dog.....but at the end of the day...Abbey is your dog and that's all that matters....change what you can...rather than dwell on what cannot be changed....with all due respect.

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