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Originally Posted by django16 View Post

I have a 6 month old gsd pup, he is on Royal Canin maxi junior. I feed him 1.5 cups 3x a day. Just last week he started scratching his cheeks and he wounded himself in the process. When I sent him to the vet, the vet only gave us meds for the itch and anti biotics but no solution to the scratching. I put a protective on his neck to prevent him from scratching his wound but he still tries (although unsuccessfuly) to scratch his face.

1.) Is it possible that he is allergic to Royal Canin?

2.) what alternative dog food can i feed him to obtain maximum growth.

3.) Also, I was wondering to add hard boiled egg in his diet (only egg whites), how often should I feed him, if possible?
because when i switched from his first dog food to Royal Canin, he is not as hungry anymore, but then he started to skip meals altogether as if he doesn't like the taste of Royal Canin? or is he just full?

Thank you in advance! all suggestion will greatly be appreciated!

Try a food with different ingredients, maybe add fish oil to diet?

Don't go for food for "maximum growth" though. That's not what you want. Research good foods here on these forums.
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