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Question Backyard mess

I have a problem, a messing one too. My backyard is all messed up and im still trying to find a solution thatís not gonna cost me thousands of dollars. Also, my backyard is pretty small, drainage sucks, and with the houses around me the yard doesnt get a lot of sun, preventing grass from growing. I think I found a relatively cheap and easy solution, Pea Gravel. I saw it on a video of a guy walking his 8 GSD, yep thatís not a typo, 8!! Anyways he had pea gravel in his yard for the pups. Easy clean up, no mud, no smell, and relatively cheap. Iím gonna be prepping my backyard this next week but I was wonder if anyone else has this in their backyard. If so please share your recommendations and pictures. Ill try to remember to take before and after pictures of mine.
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