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Based on website alone, which is not everything, I would not purchase a dog from them.

You are looking for a companion and running partner. I would be looking for a breeder that has done basic health clearances. I don't see anything on the website that says the dogs being bred are free of hip and elbow dysplasia.

That would be my first question.

My second would be, "what makes these dogs breed worthy?" "How do they measure up to the standard of a good GSD?" "What are your goals for each breeding?"" How have you proven that these dogs have the correct temperament to be bred?"

That's just to start. Not all breeders have fancy websites, so I hate to judge based only on that.

I would also talk to references, people that have bought pups from them in the past.

I know you are not interested in showing or competing, but a family pet and companion is a hard job too. The dog you chose should be from healthy parents with correct temperament. If they can't prove it, walk away. Your budget is enough for you to find a great pup from breeders that do maintain a better standard that what I can see this breeder does.

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