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Jentry, Bones, Kastle, & Ickky! 4 GSDs

Bones and Jentry are growing up!

2014-05-23, Bones & Jentry-13 by Falon167, on Flickr

Bones looks like a little boy dog now and not so much like a gender-less pup.

2014-05-23, Bones & Jentry-7 by Falon167, on Flickr

2014-05-23, Bones & Jentry-2 by Falon167, on Flickr

Here is a pretty awesome vid of Bones' obedience so far, we're real happy with him.

This is Eden's favorite age, big enough to play rough with, not big enough to kick her butt. Poor Eden, she's always getting outgrown. She just recently turned 4 years old. I can't believe it!

2014-05-16, Eden & Jentry Walk-2 by Falon167, on Flickr

2014-05-16, Eden & Jentry Walk-25 by Falon167, on Flickr

2014-05-16, Eden & Jentry Walk-27 by Falon167, on Flickr

2014-05-16, Eden & Jentry Walk-28 by Falon167, on Flickr

Jentry's obedience is also coming right along.

I am ECSTATIC with her protection so far, her grips are...everything I could hope for.

Kastle turned 3 this last week.

2014-05-23, Kastle 3 Years Head Shot by Falon167, on Flickr

2014-05-23, Kastle 3 Years Stacked by Falon167, on Flickr

By far the most difficult dog to raise for IPO, but lordy do I love him.

2014-05-23, Kastle 3 Years Old-6 by Falon167, on Flickr

Ickky is enjoying retirement as Mommy's house pet and Dad's frisbee dog.

2014-05-23, Ickky Frisbee-8 by Falon167, on Flickr

Check out the spectacular drool.

2014-05-23, Ickky Frisbee-1 by Falon167, on Flickr

We are incredibly lucky that the entire pack gets along (no Jentry, she has no sit stay haha).

IMG_1453.jpg by Falon167, on Flickr

Ok...maybe one photo with no GSD...Limit turned 2 recently. Bestest Kelpie in the world.

2014-05-17, Limit UGA-9 by Falon167, on Flickr
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