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Transitioning from crate to open in bedroom at night

Is there a right/wrong time to do this? Right now my boy is 100% crate trained, no problems when he is in the crate during the night or when no one is home during the day. When we put him in there he goes to sleep without a peep.

I would like to transition him from sleeping in his crate at night to sleeping on his own dog bed in our bedroom. Is this something that needs to wait until he is a certain age? He is not 100% house trained yet, but I am hoping that if he sleeps in my room I can hear him when he needs to go out and let him out. Right now his crate is in the basement and I can't hear him when he cries to go to the bathroom at night which has led to a few accidents. My bedroom is puppy safe, nothing out for him to get into. Would it be ok to try it out and see how it goes? He's only 9 weeks old right now...
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