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Pretty proud of Chief

Today we were putting up our pool and my dad was weed walking by the garden and apparently their is a rabbit hole somewhere and the sound scared the babies 4 of them went running across the yard. Had Chief and Macy the golden my step mom's dog out they say them running and Macy took off I ran after her then saw Chief grab one I ran and said out and he let go, but sadly Macy wouldn't listen and killed 3 of them was trying to eat them. We buried them and put an angel on top of them. Then few hours later Chief saw one again and ran after it I said no and he stopped and sat and the baby bunny was sitting a foot from him. I came over and called him and he followed me. I was very surprised. I feel so incredibly bad for the 3 that died. I tried so hard to get Macy to stop but I couldn't catch her and she wouldn't out.

R.I.P- Smokey my GSD/Husky. You are my hero, my heart, my soul and you will forever remain in my heart. You were a true companion. I love You and miss You so much. Run like the wind!!

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