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Overfeeding (treats)?

I recently changed my pup's food to Dr. Tim's Kinesis, and even though I had to do the switch cold turkey she didn't have diarrhea. In fact, she had probably the best poop since I got her! At the beginning I went with the feeding guidelines plus 25% since she's still a puppy, but she was really hungry so I increased the amount to 3.5 cups and later to 4. I also gave her about a handful of Dingo Training Treats each day.

In the process of increasing the portions, however, I realized that her stool got pretty soft and pudding-like, and I guess I give her too much, but she weighs 52 lbs at almost 6 months and like I said, she's hungry if I feed her less. She stopped eating her old food when she was full, but she always finishes her meals now.

My other guess is that I feed her too many treats. I used Dingo Training Treats and I have a feeling that they could be the culprit. It seems like she drinks more after receiving the treats as well.

So, I will feed her 4 cups of Dr. Tim's today, leave out the treats and see what happens. If her poop's solid again tomorrow, I might reduce the kibble to 3.5 and use Red Barn Food Rolls for treats. In the meantime, if anybody has a suggestion, advise or opinion about the Dingo Treats, please share!
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