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GSD Adopts Piglet

This is the story of 5-year-old German Shepherd Duke and his adopted daughter Sophie, the piglet.

Sophie was the runt of a litter of 12 born in early spring, and despite her perseverance to survive she wasn't doing well, not big enough to fight for mom's milk against her brothers and sisters.

Her life at the Wild Mood Organics Company farm just outside of Armstrong was running short, but, one of the farms owners, 17-year-old farmer Tristan Quiring, would not give up on Sophie. He decided to take her home for some personal love and care.

“She was about a week old and she was just not going to make it, she was in a couple hours of imminent death,” explains dad and co-partner Richard Quiring. “My son decided that he was going to try and help her make it. He brought her into our home and figured out a recipe (to feed her not to eat her) he could make that would replace her mom's milk and proceeded to look after her and nurse her back to vitality.”

After a few days, and with with a little TLC Sophie was doing great. But what happened next was the surprising bond the little piglet had made with the families' dog, Duke.

“She was just totally thrifty and doing well and our family dog took to Sophie like a father, like a good father, and to this day puts up with absolutely everything from Sophie,” laughs Quiring.

He says since day one the two have connected, Sophie would start sharing his food and cuddle with him while Duke would share Sophie's milk and the two just started hanging out together, even sharing the same kennel.

“Sophie would burrow into Duke's coat and lie on top of him and to this day it is hilarious,” smiles Quiring. “I was sitting on my deck this morning having a coffee with my wife and like a little teenage kid Sophie would bug and bug and route into Duke's ear and fur and sometimes Duke would turnover and give a little growl telling her she is getting a little aggressive and she will back up a bit and then just keep going.”

The, not so little, piglet is now living the good life.

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