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Is it time to start gluing ears?

Hi! So Loki is five and a half months old now and still has floppy ears for the most part. He has had days where his left ear will be up all day and then back down the next. His right ear has always been down, except for then he is playing or alert. When he is extra playful (or being naughty and stealing something), he will often fully or partially lift his ears up for a minute. Also when he wakes up from a nap, his ears usually do funny things and flop over on his head.

Most of the time though, they are down and look like alert lab ears (also they are pretty large). Im wanting to make sure that I start taping early enough as his father had weak ears that needed help to stand. He is still heavily teething and this week seems to have the most going on as far as losing teeth (lost 2 canines yesterday) and new teeth coming in.

Im wondering what your thoughts are about when I should start taping/gluing, and have of questions about that as well.

Do you think it would be beneficial to start working on the ears now vs. waiting until 6 months or until he stops teething?

Im thinking the breathe right strips/ skin bond sound like the easiest way to go. Would I need to order the skin bond or can I find it at a pharmacy?

What should I use to clean the ears with beforehand? I normally use white vinegar for ear cleaning, would that be fine to use before gluing?

Also… Loki LOVES playing in the kiddie pools at the dog park I bring him to. Will I have to keep his ears away from the water while they are glued?

Sorry, I have so many questions! lol I really want to make sure I do all I can to help his ears stand… at the same time, I am enjoying how adorable they look right now! Anyways, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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