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Drew Orleans
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Puppy tore up paws.

I'm an idiot...

I took my little guy to the pool yesterday to keep introducing him to water. He did well but there was another dog/playmate there and they were racing around the pool having fun. After several minutes of swimming and chase I called him back and his last two steps before his sit stay had a slight limp. He hadn't limped at all before so I figured he stepped on something.

After drying off I noticed a little blood and immediately started kicking myself.

As it turns out, he tore all of his paws up pretty good. I don't think they are bad enough to require liquid stitches or anything... just a little cleaning 2-3x a day and booties on when we go out to potty.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I'll post pics in a bit so you can see the damage.
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