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Exclamation Help with disabled relative moving in

To make a long story short:

Old Living Situation: Myself and room mate, we have opposite full-time work shifts, I work days, she works nights, we both care for the dogs.

New Living Situation: Myself and physically disabled mother, I work full-time, she doesn't work. I'll only be able to care for the dogs in early AM and PM.

Fawn is 5 months old and in teething/sassy/has puppy brain and my mother is still able to walk, be mostly independent but her balance is not reliable. She has watched my pup for me before over weekends and such but the bigger Fawn gets the more difficult it is. Mom is looking forward to watching the dogs during the day while I work, which will work in theory.

My main concerns are Fawn's jumping up (which is not her usual greeting but she will do it at meal time now and then) and her biting (we are working on bite inhibition as I don't mind her biting me). She could easily knock my mother over in a few months and the biting has got to stop sooner than later. As an older woman, her skin can't handle the land sharking. We found that out the hard and painful way.

I'm at a crossroads. I haven't used any correction with Fawn as she doesn't really care if I'm stern with her and I wasn't willing to be physical with her but at this point I need to know the proper way to keep both human and dog safe in this new situation.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

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