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Flying to Europe with a German Shepherd- please help!!

Im a newbie here, just registered, but Ive been reading your forums for quite a while now.
I have a 15 month old German Shepherd, Samson, and in about 4-5 months I will have to fly with him from Denver to Bucharest, Romania.
This will be the first time Im flying with a dog, so I am really scared and don't know what to expect. And, of course,I have a gazillion questions, so if you guys could help me, I would really really appreciate it.
The flight should be Denver- Frankfurt-Bucharest with Lufthansa.
Do I have to pick Samson up in Frankfurt and recheck him, or they will give him to me in Bucharest?
Should I sedate him? He is pretty comfortable in his kennel at home, but he is a pretty crazy/ hyper dog and also super strong, so Im afraid when he will hear those airplane engines, he's gonna go crazy and open that crate somehow.
Im also travelling with my cat in cabin, so I think I know all the required paperwork for this kind of trip (we did this route with Sam the cat about 6 times now )

I would really appreciate any kind of info you could give me, as I am a little scared flying with a giant dog across the world
Thank you so much!
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