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Big Business Breeder vs Small Hobby Breeder

I've been looking at some working line breeders and I noticed that there is a huge price difference between the big business breeders and the small hobby breeders. But is there a difference in quality of the dog? For example, there's a big breeder and a small breeder and they are both using similar lines. However, the big breeder charges $2500 + GST for just a pet quality dog, limited register, while the small breeder charges $2000, main register. I would pay for freight as well for both.

Now I know that a good dog is priceless and I was prepared to pay $2000 dollars + freight, I was almost even willing to pay $2500 + freight if I really liked the dog/dog's parents. But I am not sure if I want to pay $2500 + GST + Freight for a dog that was on limited papers when another breeder had similar lines for much less and main papers! Is this bad of me? I mean I would like to have some money left over for emergency vet visits before I suss out good pet insurance.

Also, I know that some small breeders can be just as good, if not better than the big breeders. I know this because my mum breeds horses and they are just as good, and quite a few times, better than the big breeders and she is a small breeder. Is this the same in the dog world? Am I being unreasonable? I just would like a dog that I can love and suites my requirements.
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