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Similar Idea as Table Training?

The few threads about table training got me thinking. When Leia was first getting into bitework, we had to use my car to help bring her defense drive out. First it was with just the windows down and us in the backseat together. She immediately was tracking him and was barking quickly. The first few times she did get spooked when he came at the window, but it didn't take her long to realize that she "drove" him off.

I think this video I am going to post was the last time she needed the car to help get her going. Now all she has to see is that we're heading to the training grounds and she is so ready to go lol. She drags me, making frustrated shepherd sounds as she drags me along.

But watching this video it got me thinking about the table training. The idea of using the car to help with her confidence and to bring out her defense drive. Which came out reaaaaaaaaally well lol. I wish I had video of the first few times, but I don't. However, this is the product of I want to say five times training, starting out in the back of my car.

Leia Bitework
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