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big problem

hello all - haven`t been on here in a while well i visit but haven`t posted - you might remember me - i`m the one with SALEEN and i was looking for some one to adopt her - that was over a yr. ago - well me and my wife have a new problem - well not really new but here`s my story - we are moving to N.C. next month - and SALEEN`S [ LEAVING ANXIETY ] IS CRAZY - THE OTHER NITE WE WENT OUT TO DINNER FOR 2 HRS. AND WHEN WE CAME HOME WE SAW SHE HAD PEED IN 2 PLACES - THAT CAN HAPPEN but - she didn`t touch her own water - she went to the toilet and drank a gal. out of it [ dry ] it was as my wife say`s - she was mad because i had said something as we left - she is sooo attatched to me - we have to rent a house down there for 2 month`s , imagine we won`t be able to leave her alone and this is a rental - then when we have our new house we again have to hope she does not go crazy - my wife says its because i spoiled her [ baloney ] am i not suppose to love her - it`s almost like we can`t take her with us - DON`T KNOW WHAT TO DO ????
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