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I've tried the left armpit, same thing. BUT it was again, on my left. I've only done the heeling with a ball once (last night), so it's not something that's been going on for long time or anything.

I should hold it on the right? Steve, yes, that makes sense about keeping it in line. I think you guys are right, she's trying to come around to see the ball. I guess that's why I thought holding it on the left would be better, but perhaps not.

As far as slinging it over my shoulder (it's a ball on a rope), I think she will jump on me and try to grab it off my back. lol I'm not the best trainer and my dog is on the wild side, I have bruises on my leg from training last night. lol I should maybe do fewer steps too. I've been walking down the long side of my riding arena, using the wall to try to keep her straight.

Are there any good videos for training start position and focused heeling (specifically how to reward?)

I was able to get out to some training last year, but it's a long drive and I have a horse farm, so it's difficult for me to get away for a whole day. So I'm largely doing this on my own.
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