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Anxiety when pack separates

How do I teach my girl not to freak out; pull on the leash; whine and cry when her human pack separates out in public?

She is almost 15 months. She has always had this issue. She won't take treats when stressed (believe me, we have tried). We use a prong for walks and when we are in public gatherings. We have given her collar corrections without much success and a two occasions she shutdown...not what we wanted. Our inexperience there.

We (DH and I) don't often go out and separate. But, when we do it's a nightmare.
Example: Kids were home for the weekend. We went to a baseball game. If the kids or anyone in the pack got ahead of us Ziva would go nuts, pulling on the leash, she whined and fussed. I would give a "no" and leash correction. She would stop for a few seconds and start again. She was throwing calming signals left and right: yawning, lip licking, jaw snapping. I tried turning around and going the other way to distract her. She just kept looking over her shoulder trying to find the kids or DH or whoever in the group was missing. We tried having the ones ahead stop so we could approach so Ziva would understand we would reunite. She tried to drag me to them. I tried a "NO" with collar correction with a sit and wait, then heel. She would just start all over again until we were all together.

Heeling is an issue in this situation as well. She feels the need to lead the pack. We know this is a training issue. Just don't know the best way to go about fixing it. We don't often have times when we are together to work this out.

Oddly enough, this is a walking issue. Once we sat down, if someone left the group she was fine. She noticed the departure but settled and waited calmly for a return.

What are we doing wrong? I am open to better ways to deal with this.

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