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I would want to know about their placement rate, their process for evaluating dogs, how they choose foster homes, do they have good relationships with local veterinarians, what kind of support do they provide after adoption, what do they do if an adoption fails, are they mainly pulling from kill shelters, private owners, or both, are they a 501(c)3, do they work with other rescues, do they have a physical building or main location...lots of stuff. I don't even know if there's a "right" answer to any of those questions, I just think they should be able to answer them without any weirdness or red flags. I used to think rescues that operated entirely out of foster homes were a good idea, but after trying to foster for one, I realized that it can make things unnecessarily crazy. I also find it really irritating when organizations say they have a process and then don't follow through/make exceptions out of lack of time. For example, it would bother me a lot if they said everyone needed a home check, but they skipped out on it occasionally because they just assumed from the application alone that it must be okay.
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