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help with focused heeling

I am working with a new trainer and he suggested I keep the reward I use for my scent detection (food) different from what I use in my obedience training. He's suggesting I use a toy for this.

I'm not sure why (I haven't talked to him yet, this was in an email that we'd been corresponding on).

Anyway this is all fine and dandy, but I find when I use a ball for focused heeling, my dog tends to forge. We are still learning our focused heeling, she's good about keeping eye contact, with either treats or her ball, but

How can I correct this issue, and should I go back to food?

I'm not sure what his reasoning is for keeping the rewards different for the two different activities, I will ask him next time I talk to him, but thought I'd ask here as well what you guys would do to correct this issue?
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