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Just for fun...wha tis your GSD afraid of?

We adopted a 1.5 year old GSD about about 5 months ago now, and while she has been improving, she is afraid of quite a list of items. From what the vet's office where we adopted her from told us, with her prior owner she spent all her time locked in an RV while he roamed the country, which I can guess resulted in very poor socialization.

So she is afraid of/nervous around...

running water
hair dryers
large men
senior citizens
dogs, especially small ones

Running water she will refuse to cross a small stream on a hike, or if she hears it in a drainage pipe on a run she will jump sideways into me to get away from it. With puddles she will walk around, or if she accidentally runs through it she freaks out a little and flies away from the puddle

Fans and hair dryers she leaves the room

Little kids and dogs she gets close to investigate, and then if they look at her she runs away. With dogs she will go up to them and bark a few times, then try and get away.

Large men and senior citizens she tries to hide behind us and won't go near them unless you give her plenty of time and let her do her own thing, even then, she is very nervous and jumpy until she really gets to know them.

It certainly keeps things interesting!
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