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He growled at me :( So upset and confused on what to do

Jager growled at me last nigh. I have no clue what to do....
Ill take you through what happenedn;

For last 3 months been working away from home and visit on sat night and sundya and leave sunday/monday early hours of thd morning.
My greeting is to come home,
Jager spins around in circles cos hes happy
I tell him to sit
I open his area and tell him to jump up on me for hugs and kissds
Doing that since he came hime at 9 weeks old. He is 3 now.
On sunday i came back and did exactly the same. He did same stuff run around etc. Jumped up. Gave him a kiss. He growled. I grabbed him by then scruss straight away and took him to the floor in a diwn position and said NO.
He didnt say anything and just looked up at me. Then i directed him outside. I was shook up and cinfused in what the **** happened.
Ok so after 15mins i opened the garden door and he came back in. Gave commands and he did straight away. No growling. So that happened then everything was ok mon tueaday Wednesday and Thursday morning.
Thursday night i come back from my work near home, he does his same circle gurns happy etc.
Again jumps up. He then smells my chest and i could sense something not right. So i grabbed him again by the acruff. As i did he growled a low pitch and in his throat. I put him in his cage and he griwls more. Didnt lunge though. I was stunned. I just looked at him. He then went back to being perfectly normal. Did the commands. I reduced hisbarea size as his normal punishment for bad behaviour. I then went in the other room and broke down. Hes my boy and cant bare to see him do this. Im his master.

We then decided to go to the vet this friday morning at 9am. They took bloods as i asked for thyroid to be checked.
They said he may have osteoporosis in wrist. Hes on orijen but i examined his wrists on Wednesday and he didnt show any pain.

I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON. I need help please. I love him so much.
Hes always been on orijen since he came to. Me at 9 weeks.
Is it a pack thing since iv been away? But i thought my few days extra of assertiveness should of put him back below me at least.

I live in the UK.
I get teat results today at around 3pm (4h from now)
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