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I think I'm one of the only people who believes in and prefers the THR with larger breed dogs lol. It is what I have the most experience with as far as my own personal dog goes and people who come where I work with their pets. The larger dogs generally get THR done. It is a rather invasive procedure (there is a less invasive one in the works but the implants need revamping) however it gives you a really good hip joint once they heal.

My first dog had severe bilateral hip dysplasia. I knew from when she was about two months old what I was facing. I kept her as comfy as I could with joint foods, supplements, pain meds (she was sensitive to NSAIDs) and low impact exercise. When she was around 8 years old, she'd completely lose her back end as she was running. Finally took her in and her hips just looked awful. Talked with the surgeon and he was confident that we would only need to replace one of her hips and she'd do fine.

She did better than fine. For the first time in her life, my dog had three good legs to stand on. She could move without the pain in that hip once she recovered. Getting up and down was easier, she finally was keeping trim because she could move more. And the surgery went so well that even after she fell one week post op between the rows of seats in my car, her hip was still just as secure as it was when they originally placed it!

So needless to say, my experience was good with the THR, and if you can afford it and are good about the aftercare and physiotherapy, the results definitely can turn out well.
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