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I need help with FHO or THR

I am new to the forums so I hope this is the correct area. I am looking for feedback on FHO and THR. The vet is going to go over all of this more in details in a week or so for a follow up but I would love to hear from those that have went threw it with their dogs.

Sadie 6 months old Female and she walked funny to me so had X-rays done. They said she has a birth defect so she is missing the cup area in her hip its only the ball. If that makes sense to you all. Pretty much the x-ray was a strait line nothing coming out to meet the ball from her leg. I will try and get the X-ray to add so it will be easier to follow.

I know some forums say you shouldn't do THR until after they are over 12 months so I hope the meds she is on will keep her pain free for now. She's still happy and very active. She just walks really funny and some nights you can tell she is hurting some.

The main thing I want to know from others is how well did your dog do with FHO or THR? How long did it take to replace both the hips before they were back to their normal self and do you think its worth putting them threw it or would you just pain meds for as long as you can if you had to do it over?

Thanks again for any feedback
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