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Originally Posted by wyominggrandma View Post
I would say severe . Right socket is virtually not there, femoral head is flat, no neck at all. Left socket is pretty much the same, head is flat and although the neck is a bit longer than the right, still not good. There is already remodeling on both hips/femoral heads.
Does he show signs? Pain? A lot of treatment plans will depend on what he is showing at this point. Some dogs will show no pain and go through life barely acting like they have HD, others will fall apart and not want to move.
Yes, this will most likely get worse as he gets older.
Yes, severe, and ditto to everything wyominggrandma said, she analyzes it well. Keep him on the thin side, and let him decide what he can or cannot do, within limits. Some dogs have a high pain tolerance, they live with it day to day, and it's pretty much the norm for them, which means they will push past it and overdo. Watch him closely for signs of stiffness, little winces when he gets up, slowness in climbing on a couch, for instance, and gauge his activity accordingly. No jumping or climbing. You have my sympathies, I have had dysplastic dogs before, and you do what you can, but feel helpless as they age and get worse.

Check out the thread called Fama Hips and Spine. There is great info there regarding supplements, etc.

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