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whimpering when getting up.

We didn't notice anything until he whimpered when getting up from lying down. Other than that, he shows no sign of pain. She just got back from the vet who says limited activity, but walk 2x a day 15 minutes each time, supplements and then prevacox as needed.

He said she may very well be fine but it is hard to predict.

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I would say severe . Right socket is virtually not there, femoral head is flat, no neck at all. Left socket is pretty much the same, head is flat and although the neck is a bit longer than the right, still not good. There is already remodeling on both hips/femoral heads.
Does he show signs? Pain? A lot of treatment plans will depend on what he is showing at this point. Some dogs will show no pain and go through life barely acting like they have HD, others will fall apart and not want to move.
Yes, this will most likely get worse as he gets older.
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