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One of her other colleagues absolutely refused to breed for coat because it was a fault. It was through email mind you, so i kind of got the vibe that i offended by asking for coat. This was also mentioned to lets call her Breeder "A"(original dispute)

She told me in an email she reached out to all her colleagues and asked them about me and received different feedback. And i would say she would have every time since they where all contacted in succession of my search as my preferences changed what i was looking for did as well. This lead her to say i cannot be trusted and could not sell me a dog. SHe said she doesn't tell her colleagues not to sell dogs to anyone, but that she would refuse to sell me one. Shortly there after all other emails from the breeders stopped from them to me. Well she might not have told them not to sell, but something happened because no one responds to my emails or inquires at this point in time.
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