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PM me the breeder? Wouldn't be surprised if its someone I'm thinking of considering you're in Chicago and they do DDR dogs.

Some people are just like that...I don't think anyone has a broad enough reach to "black list" you so I wouldn't worry about that. I'm sure you can find a dog. I don't know of any DDR/Czech dogs that I would recommend, but I can give you a few good breeders to check out. I'm always confused as to why people focus on those large categories...someone that doesn't have experience with dogs, won't even notice the difference, and unfortunately, there is no guarantee your dog will meet those broad descriptors that have been marketed over the internet. Most people will tell you that there isn't a DDR dog anymore. The people that use DDR to market are pretty much saying...dark sable, big head. Doesn't say anything about working ability or temperament.
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